How to Turn a Mistake into a Learning Experience

“Every childhood mistake handled well can become a learning experience. Every childhood mistake handled poorly can become the source of resentment.” Dr. Foster Cline

Imagine that you are a ten year old boy and you did a poor job sweeping up the kitchen. Your father comes in and inspects your chore. His response is: “Aw buddy, looks like there is still some dirt on this floor. Would you like me to show you how I get the floor clean or would you like to try again by yourself?”

What do you think your attitude toward helping out around the house will be? Are you upset with your dad? Would you be willing to learn how to do the job more efficiently?

What if your father came in and grabbed the broom and began to angrily use the broom to clean the floor while saying: “How many times do I have to show you how to sweep the floor? You are so stupid, you can’t even sweep a floor! You can’t do anything right!”

What is your attitude now around doing chores? Do you get this reaction often? How many more times does this need to happen before you start to rebel against any request for help around the house? Who will you blame the next time your work is not up to par?

If you have fun teaching children chores and are empathetic when your children don’t get it right, they will be more willing to do them properly.

Have a fantastically, fun Father’s Day!