Hire A Life Coach for Emotional Growth

Most people are aware of what it means to change their physical health through personal training.  What I realized recently is that physical and emotional growth, have a lot of similarities.  When we set out to get in shape physically, we don’t realize how hard it is until we get started.  Emotional growth is the same.

At first we start out on our own with a pair of new shoes.  If that doesn’t work,  then we might join a class.  Then for better and faster results, we may hire a Personal Trainer.  For emotional growth, we get a self-help book or watch a few videos.  To get motivated, we may join a group of like-minded people but if we want faster, better results, we can hire a Life Coach.

When I first joined the gym, I was so excited about taking Zumba.  I just knew that I was going to have fun while I was getting in shape.  Unfortunately, I was so out of shape that I pulled a muscle in my back.  It was discouraging because it slowed down my conditioning and I was tempted to stop or go the easy route.

Fortunately, I had a buddy to keep me on track and teach me about body strengthening.  We started going to yoga and body pump class.  Proper stretching and strengthening my whole body helped to heal my back and prevent injuries.  The knowledge she shared gave me the training that I needed to move forward and make progress in my physical training.

Similarly, when I first began my quest for personal growth, I was very excited to live my life differently with new skills that I had gotten from trainings that I had attended.  As I began to change what I was doing, I realized it wasn’t going to be easy.  I would get my feelings hurt and would slip back into the old habits (just like in Zumba).

I wasn’t making much progress and it was very discouraging.  I started working with a Life Coach and that gave me the knowledge, encouragement and the consistency I needed to change my life and get the results that I wanted. I would be honored to help you do the same.
Life Coach and Trainer