10 Steps to a Great School Year with Your Child(ren)

Going back to school can be exciting and stressful for children and parents.  Here are 10 steps to the best school year, ever:

  1. Use Rule #1 Take Care of Yourself
  2. Love the child you are with – Whatever is going on with your child, it could be useful for their growth– Be non-reactive.
  3. Be Patient with yourself and others by providing empathy and grace.
  4. Keep it simple – The more activities, the more things that can go wrong.  It’s simple math, the more variables, the harder the problem.
  5. Don’t take things personal.  Your perspective is going to be different than others (child, spouse, teacher, principal, etc.) and visa-versa.
  6. If someone is upset, it is not about you.  Let it (anger, frustration and resentment) go.
  7. Housekeeping (internal and external) can wait until you have the energy and/or the time.
  8. Divvy up the chores.  Children learn responsibility and build confidence when they contribute to the household.
  9. Save the lectures/lessons for when everyone is in a good place.
  10. Have fun!

Simple yet not always easy.  It would be my honor to assist you in making this the best school year, ever.