Beverley K.

Garland, TX

“I am so thankful that I met Virginia and have had her for a (Love and Logic) coach. The seminars are good but they cannot cover everything. That is why it is critical to have a coach to help you when unexpected things come up. Otherwise you are left in the dark wondering, what do I do with this situation?”

Chuck L.


There are times in our life that we need help. Virginia can help you get out of your head and back into your heart.

Dave R.


Virginia is awesome! I highly recommend her counsel and classes!

Jena A.


I highly recommend Virginia for anyone having difficulty inside their relationships, especially family like husband and children, but really all your personal relationships.

Mary P.


I loved the Love and Logic class. Virginia is a great teacher, she is patient and has a gift for really listening, understanding your situation, and giving you some very practical ideas so you can make time with your children more enjoyable and teach them life-long lessons.

Fernando V.


Felt successful with the stop arguing, ownership of problem, and enforceable statements techniques.  Overall, my stress level with kids is reduced.

Jessica G.

Plano, TX

“I took the Love and Logic course when my son was 18 months so that I could learn how to work with his biting and pushing and how I could better handle stressful situations. Virginia taught me through Love and Logic how to address  my son to get more successful  outcomes.   This a very effective class and I highly recommend  it for parents  of young  kiddos and older. In the class the parents  with teenagers said that their  new Love and Logic practice helped them significantly  communicate with their child by giving them the options to make choices for themselves  and for them to learn  what’s right and wrong on their own terms.  I learned to calm down and tweek my approach when talking to him. Finally, he doesn’t  bite and we have a much better relationship.”

Dorothy B.

Murphy, TX

Virginia is an excellent teacher. In the class, she encouraged parents to discuss among themselves and come up with solutions. She also gave extra time after class to make sure we understand the ideas. I started putting those suggestions into practice. Since I am not owning my kids day-to-day problems anymore, my stress level came down significantly.

Gregg P.

Allen, TX

Thanks so much. It’s been wonderful.The format of the class was exactly what I needed. The book is good as a reference, but the group dynamics, discussion and your lesson plan were what really made it “actionable”.

Julie N.


Thanks for being you Virginia… you are an Encouragement to Many.

Dena C.

Anna, TX

I really appreciate your advice about smiling at my daughter more often.   I am a recovering drill sergeant (and  helicopter mom, too). My personality tends to be a bit serious at  times even though I am very affectionate with my kids.  I have been  so encouraged hearing her giggles and seeing those dimples that only come out when she smiles!”
>July 2013

Gena D.


YOU ARE AWESOME!  Thank you so much for your weekly emails. I truly appreciate loving logically and it has helped my family tremendously!

Peter R.

Richardson, TX

Virginia has helped me find peace by teaching me to be proactive instead of reactive in my relationships.



Krista H.


K (3 yr old) just used Love & Logic on M(dad). M knocked a picture off the wall, and K responded with, “Uh oh. This is so sad. I think daddy needs some room time.” He got up, grabbed M by the hand, walked him to his bedroom and asked him if he wanted the door opened or closed. Then he came back after a minute and said, “Daddy, you can come back when you play nice.